The White House


The White House, to me it is one of the most important buildings in history. The architect who created the building was an Irish architect James Hoban. Hoban was originally chosen by First president George Washington, however Washington would never live in the structure. The second President of The United States, John Adams would be the first to live in The White House. I think because of the rich history and events which involved or occurred in The White House, makes it the most inspiring building. The White House is the ultimate representation of success. If you are living in The White House you have become one of the most influential and important person on the planet. If the grand structure and representation of American history, doesn't inspire a young American to achieve the highest position in the country, I don't know what will. The White House is almost important as the American Flag it self, it represents what America has over come to get to the point we are at today, through the wars and battles, The United States still stands as "One nation". 

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