I looked at the winner of the 2012 design challenge, where the assignment was to redesign a school cafeteria. The winner was Stephen Hsueh from Chicago, Illinois. He designed this huge cafeteria, with a very modern and sleek look to it. It is a giant open area with lots of seating, the outside is a modern bright green and yellow design. The judges thought that is was the best design, however I do not like modern architecture or modern styles at all for that matter. I actually thought the design was a little boring. The inside of the cafeteria looked like an empty arena with a jumbo tron and tables with seating. If I had to choose another design to be the winner I would choose Tom Rasmussen, from Lincoln, NE. His design had both seating inside and outside, with a greenhouse attachment, it gave a more natural feeling with additives of nature within the design. 


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