Yesterday the architecture class and myself went to the architecture firm "Bergmeyer Associates" in South Boston. When seeing the office space, it was creative and very artistic. The walls were gray and red, which gave a sense of personality compared to other offices which usually have white or single colored walls. The office was very unorganized to a person who has never seen their office. According to Bill Spaulding an architect at the firm, it is very organized to them. After listening to all the work that goes into becoming an architect, I've decided that I do not have any interest in becoming an architect. The office is too quiet and it seems not hands on enough for me. The field trip has confirmed my interests in being hands on and in the field and not be in an office planning a building for six months. I did however get some helpful and useful tips from the firms human resource officer Janet Tatten on how to prepare for the real world and job scouting. Most of what she said was just common courtesy and polite manners.  She said one thing that really stuck with me which was "Do not burn any bridges with former employers, and leave as professionally as you started" that really made me realize that if you go out of a job with a bang, and then for some reason need that job back you will not be receiving your old position. Overall I think that the firm was more interesting than the BSA or Boston society of Architects, for they only had a few exhibits and they were not super interesting. I'm glad that we saw how an architect actually works and function within their environment and that was interesting.

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