Charles and Ray Eames were decades ahead of their own time period. Charles worked as a boy in a steel factory where he learned all about drawing, engineering and design.  Their philosophy when designing was to act as a host meeting the needs of their guests. They were very modern in their designs. Most of the things they designed seemed industrial looking. As designers they did not work very hard on the style, instead they tried to design to fix a problem. They used their designs to be solutions to problems in their time period with furniture. A famous chair at the time used a x-space as support for the chair, where Charles and Ray liked the h-space support because it was more practical and logical. They also designed a plywood splint for the military, it was practical and logical to create in masses. As designers they liked to use honest materials such as plywood and steel. In the picture above is a home that they designed trying to make the most practical and smart design possible without worrying about the style. Charles and Ray said that toys are not innocent they are a precursor to bigger things. They really contributed the idea that design is not only about style and how something looks, but how its functions how it is created or planned to work. 

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