Our architecture assignment was as a class we would design, create and build a "lounge" by making everything entirely our of cardboard including furniture and decorations. We then broke up into groups of three or four, and each group built a different piece of furniture. Our group thought that it would be interesting if we decided to build a coffee table. This was rather challenging because cardboard can be difficult to work with especially because some cardboard is flimsy and weak. We came up idea's for a table, but part of the assignment was creativity and uniqueness about the piece, so our original ideas didn't work because they resembled too much of an actual coffee table. Then we decided on this "crisscross" patern, we played with a lot of variations of the crisscross pattern. We had to make a prototype before we were able to start our final product, our designsworked except they weren't super stable or strong, we eventually got to our prototype. When we got to a prototype that was both approved and that we were satisfied with. Then had to decide what the scale should be on our finished product from the prototype. We measured all of the pieces of the prototype and then multiplied by 5 so that the final product would be 5 times larger than our prototype. We measured and cut out cardboard that were 5 times larger that were the same as our prototype. I think there is where we went, we didn't fix the problems from the prototype so the problems were the same only larger. We ended up using the same crisscross design except it was very stable when it was laid on it's side. So we then made a table top to fit the shape of the table. When we fit the table top to the table shape, it made it look more unique.


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