Room for a musician


The project's objectives were to create a room design for a specific musician or band that is customized to their needs.
The Dropkick Murphy's are a band from Boston, they play Irish rock. They play some classical Irish music, but mostly Irish rock, they are old school Bostonians and came from typical Irish American fisherman. They use guitars, bagpipes, drums, fiddles, bass and some times a flute.The musicians would need a bar, a stage for them to jam, and it should be in Boston. Ted talk explains tha the style, appearance, and overall tone of a band can influence achitecture, how a room is designed according to the requirements of the band but also the band's demeanor effects how a room is designed.

The first photo is the entire room board. The second photo is the perspective drawing. The thrid photo was the floor plan of the room. The fourth photo was of the key elements which needed to be included into the room. The fifth photo is the description of the room, what needed to be included and what the band is all about. The sixth photo is of the mood board which is a collage of photos to set the mood, and atmosphere of the room.
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